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Testimonials: What People are Saying About

Collar City Animal Hospital!

Jamie Charlebois

6 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

I have been taking my puppy Luka here since I got him last year and they have been so great, so informative with any questions I have which I really appreciate. He had a heart worm test apt today and they were so fast and I can see they really love animals  as much as me which I love to see. He seems to like all the ladies that come out to the car to get him. I’m really happy I chose this place for my boy, he deserves the best. The vet and techs really are awesome, very sweet and patient with me when I don’t understand things and really informs me all the way.  I still have to learn everyone’s names but it’s hard with covid because we can’t go in, we wait in the car so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone  and getting to know them by name and face and their position.  Without a mask on. It’s really a great place.


“Patricia Kelly”

a week ago

Love the people there. They took care of Oreo like it’s one of there own. Thank you so much for caring and giving us support. My baby girl got hit by a car. And I was a reck. But they were so supportive. I just love going to them. Thanks again for everything you done. Pattie Kelly


“Aletta Karlau”

4 months ago

Vet is nice and explains what exactly she is doing & why.



5 months ago

Love Dr. Linendoll and her staff, topnotch!


“Mary Miller”

6 months ago

Love this place  they always make you feel comfortable


“Bre Garahan”

3 years ago

Dr. Linendoll and the entire staff are fantastic! We would never entrust our fur family to any other vet, they are truly sensitive to every situation and share the same love and compassion for animals as we do! Our dog hates the vet and she tries to spend the time to make him comfortable, which many wouldn’t bother doing.


“Amy Dimodugno”

a year ago

I am always treated well and with much concern to my pets.   Love this place!



Michele Bommarito reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital —

5 star, dated November 15, 2015

We have been taking our animals here for years , we love the staff and the way they care for our dogs and cats rates are reasonable as well, but it’s the way they care that counts.



Debra Skaarup reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital —

5 star, dated September 11, 2015


I have been going here for years. My diesel had to be put down yesterday and i do have to say Chrissy dr linendoll and all staff were very patient with us and compassionate as usual. You couldnt ask for better service and they are always very accommodating to me and my dogs. We lost a big member of our family yesterday and they lost a friend as well. Thank you guys we appreciate it.



Donna W. Simmons reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital – 5 star,

dated October 30, 2015  

I love Dr. Linendoll and her staff. They are always pleasant and you can tell how they interact with the animals that they have a genuine concern for them. They are also knowledgeable and can explain the issues one’s animals is having. I have a diabetic cat and one with kidney disease so I interact with the office frequently.



Chloe Love reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital – 5 star,

Dated February 5, 2015 

The best I ever been to!! the whole staff has a compassion for animal care. The prices there are very reasonable. Friendly, clean, and caring. I will tell all my friends to go there. away. I hope to see her again as I know she is an angel with wings who can fly up in heaven to play with the other cats in the sky forever.



Terri Miller reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital

5 star, May 18, 2014 

I love Dr. Linendoll and all of her staff – I would not trust my feral babies with anyone else….she is always right on the money with my cats and my old dog.

“Amanda faye”

a year ago

I had such a pleasant experience here. I brought my cat here after he caught a sudden cold and this is close to my house, I decided to try it out. Wow! For one, when i walked in, it was so beautiful and cozy and clean inside. Very calm and relaxing atmosphere! The staff were VERY sweet and friendly. My cat was seen and was just so amazing they were gentle and piggy certainly didn’t mind it there, even though he was feeling down they took very good care of him and doctor Robin, I believe was the doctor, was very, very nice, professional, and very informative. We had as nice pleasant conversation and she made you feel comfortable the nurse assistant was very loving to my cat as well. They gave him the care he needed and I can already tell he is feeling much better! So 5 stars from me! Thanks for being awesome collar city!


“Loren Perricone-Israel”

a year ago

I am very impressed with the care at this animal hospital. My cat has been struggling and needed emergency medical care and Dr. Solomon followed up with the ER and called me right away with the results. She has helped me get the liquid med switched to a pill form from the compounding pharmacy for my cat so he actually gets the medication. She cares a lot and called me 3x within a few hours because she knew I was very worried. I definately recommend taking your pets to this animal hospital.


“Jon Paczkowski”

a year ago

My foster kittens from Whiskers go to Collar City for their spay/neuters and shots. The staff are awesome and attentive. After one set of the kittens came home from their spay/neuter, they didn’t respond well. They were lethargic, weren’t interested in food, and had diarrhea. It was at the end of the next day that I became concerned. I called the vet and she said to come as soon as possible and that they’d stay open so the kittens could be examined. They gave them some fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea medications and some probiotics for us to give them with their food. The kittens bounced back over the next couple of days. We’re very appreciative of their attentiveness and willingness to communicate with us, even though we never got to do it face-to-face.



Clark Curtin reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital – 5 star

December 26, 2015 ·

I have to tell everyone this is a amazing place the staff are awesome and Dr Kimberly I cant say enough great things about her she is kind caring sweet she makes the whole visit feel like you are talking to your family member you will almost forget your four legged family is there for a appointment and the building is stunning not looking like a hospital it looks like a home the animals/four legged family member are more relaxed thank you so much for every thing you do for us God Bless.



Char Davis reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital – 5 star

November 20, 2015 ·

They treated my cats with incredible care and compassion. The vet techs are amazing, competent animal lovers. The office staff, efficient and friendly. The Doctor amazing with cats. The new facilities are top notch. I would definitely recommend Collar City. Also even though it is in Troy, it’s easy to get to and there is plenty of parking.



Kristin Wright Savoy reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital – 5 star

October 1, 2015 ·

Everyone with a pet should come here. The staff are all amazing and truly drop what they are doing to make the animals and parents happy and comfortable. They take their time to explain things to you and always follow up. I feel so fortunate to have been bringing my Gizzy here for the past few years. Besides the loving staff, the place looks amazing, and so clean!!! I promise you all this is the #1 vet/animal hospital and I will never go anywhere else.



Jeanna Machele reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital —

5 star, dated October 31, 2014 

Was IMPRESSED with the treatment I received and immediately felt like family and that Dr. Linendoll actually cared about my dogs well being and comfort which was a change from my previous vet! Surgery is scheduled this Tuesday!

“Adrienne Brennan”

2 years ago

We called when our dog was losing her ability to hold her urine. New patients, we were seen the next business day after we called for our first appointment when other vets were booking out 3 weeks. We really couldn’t wait and they sensed the urgency. They came highly recommended by a friend and we are so glad we switched! The veterinarian was very thorough and the assistant were gentle and kind with an authentic enthusiasm. Cost is very reasonable and no one tried to sell us anything we didn’t need or want. Decisions were left up to us and we were not made to feel like we were neglecting our pet by declining a shot. We are happy to call Collar City Animal Hospital our vet!!!


“Elisabeth Binder”

a year ago

Positive: Professionalism

I’ve brought my cats to Dr. Linendoll for several years. The prices are very fair, the care from staff is exceptional. I have had some challenging pet situations and completely trust the Dr. and her technicians with my cats. The technicians know their jobs well and do it with such compassion.  I’d give this business 10 stars because of its staff!


“Ashleigh Borden”

a year ago

I absolutely love this animal hospital ! They have taken care of 3 of my dogs and have done a fantastic job every time. They make sure to address any and all concerns I have and my animals love them ! Fantastic staff all around ! Anyone looking for a new vet should make an appointment here.


“Elliott Byer”

a year ago

Recently I brought my large dog Maddie in for an annual check up, vaccinations and to have a few lumps looked at. Maddie gets really bad anxiety when at the vet and can become irritated and snippy. Dr. Solomon and the entire staff were extremely friendly and understanding and took the time to make Maddie as comfortable as possible during the visit. They even recommended and supplied some medication to help ease her anxiety for next visit. Dr.Solomon contacted me the next day as promised with the good news about Maddies lumps! I would recommend collar city to anyone with pets as they are professional and friendly every visit .Thank you again to the whole staff for the wonderful service .


“Caitlin Lenio”

a year ago

Collar City Animal Hospital was recommended to me by the shelter I adopted my cat from after having a terrible experience at another vet. I wish I went here first. Everyone on staff is patient, caring, calm, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Linendoll takes her time answering all my questions and never makes me feel like I’m crazy. She took the mess that the other vet created and formed an exceptional plan for keeping my cat with megacolon and a heart murmur healthy. In addition to this, when I took my foster failed kitten in for his first appointment I expressed my concerns about stinky breath and poop. Dr. Linendoll did a special test and got right to the bottom of the problem and prescribed the appropriate medicine. I’m so grateful for their expertise and trust them 100% to do right for my cats. Thank you Collar City!!! =.)


“KJ Parrotte”

a year ago

Courteous caring and knowledge staff. They give all options rather than telling you what to do with your animals.



Donna Cable Bullock reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital —

5 star, dated July 23, 2015 

This place is amazing! Loved the atmosphere, Dr. and all the staff. WOW!



Bertha Farron reviewed Collar City Animal Hospital —

4 star, dated June 22, 2014 

I really liked Dr. Linendoll and her staffs when I brought Star in during her years since she was a baby 8 weeks old. I appreciate your help . Sorry to tell you that Star has passed away since June 2 this month . I really missed her as I had her for almost 16 years since she passed.